What Would He Know About Camping?

The year was 1979. Our eleven year old son, Tim, was playing Wee Elk football. Well, return with me now to those thrilling days of Wee Elk football, and from out of the past come visions of white pants, a yellow Wee Elk shirt, and most of all, the mustache. Tom Poulton was on the gridiron coaching Tim.

“Hey Jan,” I said after arriving home from the Monday night scouting meeting, some guy by the name of Poulton wants to go on the scout spring trip with us. Supposedly he is an attorney. What does an attorney know about camping, hiking, caving, and rafting, anyway? He’ll probably just be in the way.”

Tom went on the trip with us to the Smokey Mountains for a week of hiking and backpacking. He was a great help with the boys. Over the years, Tom and I became best friends.

Later, I learned that Tom had asked his wife, Sue, what a veterinarian knew about camping, hiking, and the outdoors. The question had been posed to Sue the very same night I had asked virtually the identical question to Jan.

Paul Stull

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